Nelly Heyduck, a talented designer and artist residing in Ucluelet, finds inspiration in the rugged and pristine landscapes of the Pacific Rim. Her artistic collection consists of paintings and art prints that intimately connect to places she holds dear, offering a glimpse into her unique perspective on the extraordinary beauty found along the West Coast and Vancouver Island, BC.

Nelly primarily employs acrylics and mixed-media techniques on canvas or wood panel, utilizing a range of tools such as palette knives, pencils, and broad brushes. Through these chosen mediums, she skillfully brings to life her vision with bold yet nuanced color palettes and energetic brushstrokes, directly channeling the profound impact of the Pacific Rim and its untamed nature on her artistic expression.

In her artistic philosophy, Nelly aspires to imbue her artwork with the emotions she experiences in these places. She endeavors to translate the essence of her personal connections into her original paintings, as well as in her graphic art. By sharing her creations, Nelly aims to evoke a sense of the deeply felt emotions associated with these remarkable locations, allowing others to embark on their own visual and emotional journey.